Watch This Guy’s E-Cig Explode In His Pocket And Give Him Third Degree Burns

Reason #327 not to vape.

Most of the health warnings around E-cigarettes seem to be focused around all the questionable chemicals you’re breathing into your lungs every time you smoke it, but this has got to be the third or fourth (more?) story now where a vape pen has literally blown up and set fire to someone.

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Here’s some hard evidence caught on CCTV:



NSFL image of the guy’s injury below:



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And there’s your argument for why vape pens are more dangerous than cigarettes. We know all the dangers associated with cigarettes, we’ve known them for years. Vape pens though? Not so much. We don’t know what all the risks are and that’s why we’re surprised whenever we find a new one. Everyone who smokes cigarettes knows what they’re getting into but unfortunately you can’t say the same yet about vaping.

Not to mention you look like a bit of a bellend smoking one as well.


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