This School Has Actually Created A High-Vis ‘Texting Lane’ In Its Stairwell

Just what the world needs.

Utah Valley University has gone through with the unprecedented move of painting high-vis walk, run and TEXT lanes on one of its main stairwells on campus.

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The idea is obviously to keep everyone out of each other’s way — a problem exacerbated since the social media explosion and the fact people can’t even walk from one room to another without texting nowadays.

Utah uni spokeswoman Melinda Cotton said:

It’s kind of funny. You walk down the hallway and instead of saying hi, everyone is walking and texting. About half of students who see the lanes really use them.


Seems like a bit of a light-hearted move from Utah uni to kind of poke fun at people who walk and text but thinking about it, could they actually be onto something here? One day the world is going to be so congested that we’re going to need these kind of lanes everywhere. There’s no way the world doubles in population and we can carry on with half the people walking and texting and other half rushing around all over the place. We’re going to need these high-vis lanes EVERYWHERE just so people can get from A — B without murdering each other.

If not — god help the slow walkers in another 1000 or so years.


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