This Moron Got Arrested After Using His Own Wanted Poster As His Facebook Profile Picture

Wanted Poster Facebook

Smooth moves brainiac.

If I ever actually got an official wanted poster from the police station, I would think that it was pretty cool. But I probably wouldn’t share it with too many people for the obvious reason that someone could quite easily report me to the police and I would end up arrested.

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Clearly not everyone is smart enough to think like that though, like this 42-year-old guy from Florida named Mack Yearwood. Yearwood was accused of battery at a house in Stuart by some guy and as the police began to investigate him, they discovered that he was using his picture from another crime he had been accused of as his profile picture on Facebook. They also found that he had two other outstanding warrants for his arrest as well.

Things got even stupider when the police travelled over to his house to pick him up and the following happened:

Wow. What a grade A moron – surprised he’s managed to make it to the age of 42 to be honest.

Apparently following this, Yearwood asked police not to charge him for possession of weed, but that’s exactly what they proceeded to do. They haven’t yet charged him in the battery case as it’s still under investigation.

Yearwood is currently in jail waiting for his weed case and the other two crimes he had outstanding warrants for to be heard. He’s probably going to go down for them to be honest because he doesn’t seem like he’s the sharpest tool in the shed. Still, not as dumb as these idiots.


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