There’s A New US Reality Show That Actually Sends People To Real Life Prisons

Jail Show

What the actual fuck?

Tired of boring reality shows where contestants are merely required to live with one another in a house for a few weeks, US channel A & E has decided to turn it up a notch by starting a reality TV show where contestants are actually sent to a real life working prison.

Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me – we’ve all seen that ‘educational video’ about how to avoid being raped in prison – but somehow they got seven people to volunteer for the 60 day stint. No officers, inmates or staff are aware of their secret and for all intents and purposes they were treated as real prisoners.

I’m not really sure how you win the show – I guess by just making it to the end – but it’s kind of different to a traditional reality show as the people going in were effectively going undercover in the prison to try and expose corruption. The facility in which it was shot – Indiana’s Clark Country Correctional Jail – was recently accused of corruption and this was the answer for Sheriff Jamey Noel.

Take a look at the trailer below – it looks fucking terrifying:

No fucking way would you catch me doing that. I think the best part is the guy saying ‘I had no idea what I was getting myself into’ – no shit idiot, did you not understand you were going to a real life jail for two months!?

In fairness to Noel, it seems to have worked as a number of officers were fired from the facility following the culmination of the show. To be honest I’m surprised that it managed to finish without any of the inmates being raped or severely assaulted. Hell, I’m surprised that it even managed to be made.

At the opposite end of the spectrum though, check out this guy who has been in jail for 44 years experience Times Square for the first time.


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