US News Presenter’s Rant Goes Viral After She States Radical Islam Is ‘The Rule, Not The Exception’

Tomi Lahren

‘I feel like my friends fighting in the Middle East are safer than military men at home in the United States’ – does she have a point?

You might have heard that four marines were shot and killed at a Navy facility in Chattanooga over the weekend by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez. Obviously there was a public over the matter but one public news anchor for the One America News network (which is apparently a real network?) came out with this rant that has since gone viral because of her claims that radical Islam is now the rule and not the exception and it’s costing Americans their lives, not just in the Middle East but also back at home.

I watched this expecting it to be utter bullshit and another typical uneducated Republican/Fox news reaction to a tragedy, however Tomi Lahren actually articulates herself fairly well in the segment and comes across like she knows what she’s talking about and might actually be speaking some sense. Of course, she isn’t really and this is merely the impression you get from her speaking in such an authoritative manner for two minutes, but I suppose the fact that Obama hasn’t managed to cut out terrorism in the country might be seen as a valid criticism. If you think that it’s actual possible to cut out terrorism in any way shape or form in the current political climate that is.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t obviously have any answers for how to solve this and just hates on Obama for pursuing other policies which are probably more important for the social progression of the United States, like same sex marriage and climate change, rather than focussing all his efforts on fighting terrorism.  She also looks like a complete moron when she states that ‘radical Islam is becoming the rule and not the exception’ because this obviously isn’t the case, especially within the United States itself. That’s just a completely ignorant opinion really isn’t it?

Whether or not anyone actually listens to Tomi Lahren and it makes a difference – or even just encourages debate on the issue – is another matter entirely, but at least it isn’t as dumb as this American news anchor saying that Birmignham is a no go area filled with radical Muslims. However, she’ll probably be remembered along with that dumbass, despite what seems to be her best efforts.

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