You Won’t Believe What These 4 Top US Military Officers Have Been Up To…

If you’re a powerful military man with access to WMDs should you be getting smashed on vodka all day long?

People are fallible, so you always expect to see a certain amount of mucking about at any level of a company or organisation. But recent documents have come to light thanks to the Freedom of Information Act that are frankly terrifying.

Top US military personnel have been caught boozing, philandering and worse. Some of these top brass have nuclear war heads under their command, so you would kind of hope they might have a bit of decorum about them when they’re holding planet earth’s balls between their fingers.

Here are some disturbing stories of tomfoolery that have slithered out of the most powerful military in the world over the last few years:

1) Brigadier General Bryan Roberts

US Military Misbehaving - Brigadier General Bryan Roberts

Brigadier General Bryan Roberts was known for having “zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sexual assault”. At the time he made that statement he was in fact under investigation by the military for allegations of assaulting one of his mistresses. Here’s an excerpt from the allegations in the official transcript.

The woman involved says she:

got into a fight with BG Roberts over her cellular phone when … inadvertently called BG Roberts’s wife. The altercation turned physical when she slapped BG Roberts and he bit her lip. When BG Roberts bit her, her lip bled and required her to seek medical attention… also suffered an eye injury… alleged that during the course of their relationship, she had three other physical altercations with BG Roberts. Three of the four incidents required her to seek medical attention”.

Nice guy (allegedly).

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