US Government Memo On The Danger Of Leaking To The Media Has Been Leaked To The Media

Donald Trump

How ironic.

A US government memo that includes strategies for preventing leaked classified information has been leaked to the media.

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The document sets out details on how Donald Trump’s new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, could prevent important and sensitive information from making its ways to the public. Here’s a snippet from the four-page memo:

When such information is leaked… it chills the willingness of senior government officials to seek robust and candid advice, which ultimately is to the detriment of informed policy making and the reputation of the institution from which the leak emanated.

It also states that leaks that make their way to the public could affect staff from fully participating in policy discussions due to concerns over security.

Donald Trump

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Apparently Tillerson and his team had already taken measures to prevent further information being leaked and staff have also been told that requests for sensitive information should be made only over the phone or in person to avoid the leaking of an email exchange.

Despite these new measures, they were unable to stop the memo itself from leaking. Seems like Trump’s attempt to prevent these “illegal” government leaks from happening is not going too well as it stands.

The more important question for Trump’s administration is who leaked the information that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had been engaging in secret communications with the Russians? This theory speculates whether the ‘Deep State’ is responsible.


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