Watch This US Airstrike Obliterate An 175-Vehicle ISIS Convoy And Kill 250+ Terrorists

That’s 250 less terrorists to worry about.

What better way to end the week with some fresh footage of the US military wreaking absolute havoc on ISIS over in Iraq.

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In case you didn’t know, this week Iraqi security forces recaptured the freed the city of Fallujah after it was under ISIS control since 2014.

As some of the ISIS pussies were fleeing Fallujah (about 175 vehicles carrying 250+ militants), they made the daft decision to stick together in a large convoy on an open road.

That just made things too easy for the US air force:

Beautiful stuff. It’s easy to forget that amid all the stories we get of ISIS and their sympathisers blowing us up, the US, Britain, Russia and other nations are also over there taking the fight right back to them. 175 vehicles? 250+ terrorists? Love it. Great work all round.

Bonus video – dogs welcoming home soldiers:


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