These University Roommates Really Need To Get A Grip

Passive aggressive levels = 1000.

Living in halls (or dorms as they’re called in America) can be tough enough as it is, but when you bring bitchiness into it, it’s a whole other level of annoying. A girl at Penn State University found a load mean subtweets her roommate Nikki had been writing about her, and decided to put them on show for the entire dorm.

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She showed off her handy work on Twitter and actually got loads of love for it:

Things then kicked off from there:

Unbelievable the lengths these dumb dramas can get to. What did that Nikki girl say that was even that bad? Just a few “Ugh my roommate is the worst” Tweets and she’s acting like she called her a slag or sent her death threats or something. And yet the police are involved now because apparently it’s online harassment:

Whatever happened to just shitting in your housemate’s bed and being done with it?


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