Here’s Why The Undertaker Is Vince McMahon’s Favourite Wrestler Of All Time…

We’re surprised he didn’t kill him after this.

Last week WWE owner Vince McMahon did an interview with Muscle & Fitness magazine in which he said the following when asked who his favourite wrestler/employee of all time was:

That would be Undertaker because of his loyalty, his longevity, and his extraordinary commitment to his character. We have lots of fun creating fun. [Superstars] try to crack each other up from time to time, and we all have tried to get Undertaker to break character, and we can’t do it. He is such a professional and an extraordinary human being behind the character. He’s committed to his craft and has worked through his injuries.

There was one particular show where Vince along with The Rock and others tried really hard to get The Undertaker to break character by trying to get him to do Booker T’s famous ‘Spinarooni’ breakdance move — something he’d never be caught dead doing.

One of the best videos ever if you were ever fan of The Undertaker. Check it out below:

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