Underrated Rappers You Need To Know About: Metro Zu

metro zu

Come with me as we journey through time and space, to the world of the mighty Zuniverse.

3. Dippin

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This is one of their classics, and really should be one of the first points of call in your MZ education along with ‘Sell Ma Ho’, ‘Preach’, ‘Chill’ (Feat. Speak) and the feature track off of one of their most well known mixtapes ‘Mink Rug’. Through these tracks you’ll see how their style mimics that of a chameleon, but with the power of the internet you can traipse through their extensive back catalogue to find a sound perfect for you. But ‘Dippin’ has a dope beat that never gets old — and would make a great ringtone* so why not assign this to someone you’re trying to avoid so you can dip on them to a suitable soundtrack.

*I find you can judge the longevity of tunes quite well by asking yourself whether it’ll make a brilliant ringtone. ‘Duality’ by Slipknot and ‘Raid’ by MF DOOM are two good examples of this theory. Think about it.

metro zu lambo

Metro Zu is also an art collective: They frequent the galleries with their works as well as selling ad hoc pieces online. Last year at Miami’s renowned Arts and Culture Festival — Art Basel – Lofty305 and Freebase found themselves painting a Lamborghini as part of a live installation. I couldn’t really explain to you exactly why this happened, and after visiting Miami I have to conclude the place itself makes not a lot of sense in general so that’s probably why this happened. Below is a clip from their prior Basel showcase:

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