Underground Bike Parking In Japan Stops Your Bike From Getting Stolen And Getting Damaged By Earthquakes

bike parking

In the UK, we get our bikes stolen all the time but in Japan they’ve built underground bike parking systems to protect your wheels from thieves and earthquakes.

bike parking

It’s such a shitty feeling when you leave the office and you’re really looking forward to getting home and chilling out but when you walk to where you left your bike this morning – chained up and stripped down to a lamp-post/parking meter – your bike is nowhere to be seen and the bastards have even stolen the bike lock and are probably flogging it for an eighth of green, which you should be buying instead. No bike means no quick journey home and you don’t wanna spend any more unnecessary time with the human race because your contempt for the future of humans slides every time you step through those office doors, so you walk instead and get home half hour later than intended and you’ve missed Come Dine With Me and can just about afford to pay the rent with the money you’re gonna have to fork out for a new set of wheels.

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But, if you worked in Japan, you wouldn’t have to worry about your bike getting stolen by sub-human goblins and you’d catch as many episodes of Come Dine With Me as you wanted. There’d also be no need for you to cart around a bike-lock which makes life a bit easier. Because, in Japan, they’ve got underground bike parking systems where you can store your bike all day. The idea first came around as part of a plan to save room on Japan’s streets – as we all know the country is over-populated for its size – but it quickly turned into an idea which a lotta people could see potential in, snowballing into the actual digging of the underground systems and then the formation and coming-together of the plan.

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The systems go down 40 foot and membership costs 2,600 yen (£17) a month and students pay half price. Sorted. All you gotta do is load your bike into the tray, swipe your card and then your bike is taking down into the depths of the earth. You can pick it up whenever it suits you that day and it takes about 17 seconds for the bike to be brought back up. What’s also pretty cool is that the systems are capable of withstanding earthquake tremors, which hit the country regularly, so your bike has very little chance of getting damaged and is probably safer down there than storing it in your flat. Actually, it’s much safer than storing it in your flat. Let’s all live in Japan.

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