Uncle Waldo Calls The Geese ‘Slags’ In The Aristocats

Ever seen Disney’s AristoCats? Ever notice Uncle Waldo calling the other geese slags?

Everyone’s seen The Aristocats right? If not, it’s an old Disney film about a très posh lady cat called Duchess and her three kittens, living in an old woman’s house in pre Great War Paris. They get kidnapped by the evil butler and then have to find a way back home with the help of an assortment of other mysteriously talkative/musical animals.

During the movie Waldo goes on a bit of a drunken rant, understandable really, and ends up calling his nieces slags. I’m sure you all agree that this is totally unacceptable for a kid’s film and Disney need to sort their shit out right? OK, maybe he doesn’t outright call them slags and maybe this is yet another case of the Sick Chirpse team’s selective hearing but turn the volume up and listen to the clip below (the action is at 2.13 if you miss it) and maybe, just maybe you will hear it too.

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