UK’s Youngest Lotto Winner Posts Picture To Show The Result Of £50,000 Surgery

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Money well spent?

Britain’s youngest lottery winner Jane Park has not been one to shy away from controversy since winning £1million at the age of just 17.

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And it appears she plans to carry on her 15 minutes of fame in any means necessary – in her recent feat she’s splashed out £50,000 on plastic surgery to buy herself a new bum, boobs and teeth and a new boyfriend too apparently.


Yes, Jane reckons that her pricey new makeover is the reason she’s managed to bag professional footballer Jordan Piggott, 18, who now plays for Dundee FC. Get in?

Apparently the pair are so into each other they’ve even made it Facebook official – it must be serious. Speaking about Park’s new surgery, a source said:

Jordan Piggot

Her new teeth, her new boobs and her new bum she believes are a better investment than the properties she’s bought.

It’s crazy to think that her bum lift could have killed her and she doesn’t regret it, but I guess that just goes to show how much its improved her confidence.

What a world we live in.

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For more on Jane Park, here’s the time she said she was going to sue the lottery for “ruining her life”. I bet she regrets saying that now that she’s on the way to fulfilling her dreams of becoming a Z-list WAG.


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