UK’s Biggest Yorkshire Pudding Addict Will Eat At Least 600 This Christmas Period



I think everyone in the country would agree that it’s not a proper roast dinner or a proper Christmas meal if it doesn’t include a Yorkshire Pudding, but I don’t think any of us would expect to eat 600 of the things either. There can be too much of a good thing, you know?

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Someone who definitely doesn’t subscribe to this philosophy though is a 25 year old guy called Jake Farrar from Middlesborough who doesn’t even need a special occasion to tuck into a Yorkshire Pudding, describing himself as an addict who chomps down on around 20 every single day of the year. Again surely that’s too much of a good thing?

Jake reckons that he’ll scarf up about a month’s supply of Yorkshire puddings from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day – around 600 – which sounds absolutely mental to me. Here’s how he describes his addiction:

Anyone who doesn’t eat Yorkshire Puddings on Christmas Day is just plain wrong.

They always belong on a roast dinner and Christmas dinner.

It’s meant to be the best time of the year and how can that be so if there’s not a Yorkshire pudding in sight.

And for anyone who claims they are unhealthy, I’ve actually lost five stone in the past year so I beg to differ.

I try different Christmas puds every year.

I do try the different Christmas ones that the supermarkets come out with like Aldi sells a pig in blanket Yorkshire pudding with a massive pig in blanket coiled up inside a Yorkshire pudding.

We went to two shops to try and find some yesterday but Iceland was completely sold out, we had to go somewhere else.

Tesco’s own are very nice as well when you can’t get the likes of Aunt Bessie’s.

I have been known to trade my wife some stuffing in exchange for an extra Yorkshire or two.

I already take up a lot of space on my Christmas dinner with my full pack of Aunt Bessie’s but I’d love to have it all in a giant pud one day.

But as a little present last year I got my own gravy boat for my Yorkies!”

I also like to make what I would call a festive toad in the hole, so instead of just putting sausage in and baking the toad in the hole I put pigs in blankets and stuffing wrapped in bacon and cooked it.

It is honestly delicious and my family like it too.

I don’t like mince pies anyway but I could see that having potential if you were to use the Yorkshire as a pastry case.

What an absolute nut case. I suppose we should praise him for loving his passion so much, but it just seems so strange that this guy could eat so much of one type of food and not get bored of it? Surely there must be something else out there he wants to sample as part of his diet?

Absolute maniac. Hope he enjoys his Christmas though and hope that we get to see some videos of whatever he’s doing too.

For more of the same, check out this guy who combined a Yorkshire pudding with a super cheesy pizza. Bet Jake Farrar would be all over that.



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