A Ukrainian Man Lied To Police That He Murdered Someone So That They Could Plow His Snow-Covered Road To Arrest Him

The man’s a genius.

Framing yourself for murder might sound like a crazy idea, but for one man over in Ukraine, it was the only idea he could come up with to get someone to plow the snow-covered road on the way to his home.

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According to The Guardian, the man called police on Saturday evening to say he had murdered his mother’s partner by stabbing him. In the same call he said the only way to get to where he was at was with a snowplow.

Police spokesperson Yuliya Kovtun said:

He immediately warned the police that they should come with a snowplow, because there is no other way to get to him.

Unfortunately for the man, his plan flopped spectacularly, as police showed up in an SUV instead, and of course discovered that no murder had taken place.

Immediately after arriving, they discovered that the relative was indeed at the house, but in one piece and unharmed. No one had attacked him.

The man confessed to calling in the fake murder and is now looking at a fine of 119 hryvnias (literally £3), which would have been totally worth it if they’d actually plowed the road in order to get to him. In fact I’m surprised they didn’t kick the shit out of him, given I don’t imagine Ukrainian police to be the most ‘forgiving’ authorities around, especially after being lied to.

But what a lie it was! Borderline genius if it had actually worked. Might’ve been smarter to get a friend to call anonymously from a pay phone or something and accuse him of murder instead, but still, the idea itself was clever enough.

I totally get the desperation too, after seeing a few photos of what Ukrainian winters are like. All the snow we’ve been complaining about over here probably drops every 5 minutes in Ukraine. Would have hoped the neighbours paid his fine and bought him a round of beers if he had actually pulled it off and managed to get the road plowed. Alas, I guess we’ll never know.

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