PHOTOS: Ukrainian Riots – What’s The Beef?



– Participating in “mass disruptions” can now cost you 10-15 years imprisonment

– You can be convicted by a court without even being there

Ukraine - Riots - News - fireworks

– MPs can be arrested during sessions of parliament

– It is forbidden to drive a car in a column of five or more cars

– It is illegal to set up an unauthorised sound system

Ukraine - Riots - News - fire

– You will be jailed for 15 days if you put up a tent?!

– Distributing “extremist opinion” will attract a three-year jail term – frighteningly vague

Ukraine - Riots - News - detained

– The government is allowed to disable the internet whenever it fancies

– Group violation of public orders will get you two years

The president has been given a two-day deadline to call an election. So far Yanukovych has remained silent on the matter. If he declines there will be further violence. If he decides to go for the election and loses, Russia may doll out its punishment. If the election happens and Yanukovych wins, there will be no end to the riots.

Ukraine - Riots - News - bomber

This will not be a problem easily solved.

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