Here’s How Media In Other Countries Are Reporting The UK Response To Coronavirus

It’s not good.

We’re into the seventh week of government lockdown and people seem to think that we’ll be coming out of it soon, even though we’ve experienced something like the highest death rate in the world and way more than Italy which were all decrying earlier on when it was ravaging their country and not our own.

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Over here though, Boris Johnson and the government have just been talking about how we’ve been doing an excellent job of containing it and everyone seems to be believing them despite the fact that loads of people have been dying the whole time. Obviously the media in this country doesn’t seem to be questioning this, but here’s how our response has been reported by the media in other countries and it does not look good:

OK, so I’m not dumb enough to not think that those tweets have been selected to make the UK’s response look bad and there’s no guarantee that they’re even real, but with so many people sharing similar sentiments, you’ve gotta think that it is indicative of the vibe of the world out there. And looking at the actual facts and figures that have been released, I would tend to agree with them as well. Up to you how you choose to interpret them though.

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