UK Police Ridiculed For Posting Pic Of Dangerous Spoon They Took Off The Streets

Cereal killer.

We’ve shared footage of the police doing some topnotch work recently, especially when it comes to tackling violent crime, but that’s not to say they don’t still leave themselves open to ridicule from time to time.

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London’ Regents Park Police shared a Tweet the other day bragging about the dangerous weapons they’ve recently taken off the streets of London.

What are some of those dangerous weapons? Regular kitchen knives, a knife sharpener, barbecue forks and… a old rusty spoon.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with it:

The same police force was also ridiculed last year for confiscating pliers, scissors and a screwdriver:

It’s good to see the police hard at work and big up Regents Police for all the other great work they do – but you’ve got to expect a bit of flak after Tweeting that out.

Unfortunately the war on spoons doesn’t really seem to be helping reduce knife crime in the UK, no thanks to our justice system letting people like this go free.


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