UK Paedos Are Now Buying These Creepy Child Sex Dolls And It’s Totally Legal

child doll

So weird.

A recent investigation carried out by the Daily Star has discovered that paedophiles in the UK are purchasing lifelike child sex dolls online. These disturbing sex toys are possible to buy online to be delivered in the UK, where 10% of the buyers reside.

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Many of the dolls advertised on the website are 100cm tall, which is the same average size of a 3-year-old. The site allows users to choose their ideal eye colour, wig, skin tone and face. The host seller AliExpress says that the dolls are:

Lifelike, real human dolls, mini pretty girls and Loli dolls.

child doll

In addition, the images used as selling points on the site show the girl dolls naked, in various sexually explicit positions. A seller said:

What you see is what you get. Sell with doll video.

Leave your email address for naked pictures and doll video.

child doll

And according to UK law, it’s all completely legal. There are definitely two sides to this argument. Initially, you might jump to the conclusion that these dolls are completely creepy and they allow paedophiles to fulfil their fantasy of having sex with children, which is wrong. However, on the other side of the coin, you could say that allowing paedophiles to shag these dolls will help prevent them from actually going out and abusing real children. There are always going to be paedos in this world, so perhaps these should be allowed as a preventative measure.

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