China’s Bizarre ‘Child’ Sex Dolls Delivered In A Coffin Will Make You Feel Sick

Child Sex Dolls


A Chinese company named ShengYi have decided that it’s appropriate to manufacture a sex doll that looks like a 12 year old girl.

It’s two foot four inches tall and weighs about four stone. To make matters even creepier, it comes dressed in all black and is delivered in a coffin. Weird.

The dolls cost around £700 and are made specifically to each buyer’s needs, with the ethnicity, hair colours and eye colours all available for selection in the online shop. Here’s what the official website says in badly translated Chinese:

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Child Sex Doll

This silicon small sex dolls is our unique design on market in 2016, sex dolls with hot Japanese pure girl, female real sex doll robot for man (sic).

Replaceable head European and Japanese face style, there are 10 New Arrival face types for your choice, available for different size body.

Icky – when a child sex doll is your USP you’ve really got to ask yourself if you even want to be doing business in the first place.

As sad as it is to say though, this could actually be a good thing. Paedophiles do exist, and if buying one of these and having sex with it stops them from having sex with young kids, then that’s definitely a good thing. It’s just unfortunate that this is the world we live in now.

If I had to have sex with a sex doll, I’d rather choose this disgusting home made one than one of these ones. Beyond depraved.


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