The UK Now Has The Highest Coronavirus Death Count In Europe


You might have been fooled during all the positive affirmations from the media and shunting the death count figures back a few pages every day that the UK has actually been smashing its response to Coronavirus, but it seems like this is at least up for debate as we’ve now posted the highest death figures in Europe related to the virus.

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The updated figures come courtesy of the Office of National Statistics, who have revealed that 29,648 deaths linked to Coronavirus had taken place up until April 24th. Including figures from Scotland and Northern Ireland, the total death count up until this point is now 32, 313.

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71.8% of these deaths took place in hospital (around 20,000) with 6000 taking place in care homes, 1300 taking place in private homes and around 300 in hospices. The ONS figures include deaths that don’t take place in hospitals, whereas the Public Health England figures that were previously released only include deaths that have taken place in hospitals.

If you thought that was bad, there are some people out there claiming that these aren’t even the most accurate form of statistics out there. The Financial Times reported 50,000 excess deaths for this period as opposed to most years and whilst that isn’t exactly clear on the impact of Coronavirus, it’s still pretty horrendous whichever way you look at it.

When all of this was going down in Italy towards the end of March, the response in the mainstream media was one of disgust and horror and now our death count is way higher than theirs ever was or ever will be. Makes you think doesn’t it.

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