The UK’s Top 10 Most Promiscuous Cities

UKMedix have compiled a list of the UK’s top 10 most promiscuous cities based on a survey they carried out in various cities.

Over 2,000 single men and women aged 18 and over were asked if they had regular one night stands, to which 42% answered “yes”. The study then broke down the results by region of residence and came up with these results.

Sarah Bailey of UKMedix — who carried out the survery – said: “We wanted to find out a little more about the attitudes that Britons have towards sex.”

“Whatever your sexual preferences, as long as you’re safe and responsible, that’s all that matters.”

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Here are the results:

1. Liverpool- 13% (of respondents who had regular one night stands resided in Liverpool)

2. Oxford- 11%

3. Newcastle- 10%

4. Swansea-9%

5. Cardiff- 7%

6. Glasgow- 6%

7.  Nottingham- 6%

8. Birmingham- 5%

9. York- 4%

10. Manchester- 3%



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