The UK Is Facing A Sweet Potato Shortage

Another benefit of Brexit.

Along with avocados and halloumi, sweet potatoes have seen a real rise in popularity in recent years but it looks like our enjoyment of them in this country might be coming to an end following the news that we’re currently facing a shortage of them over here.

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The news comes courtesy of a combination of reasons, with shops placing the blame on the falling pound leading to an increase in import prices and extreme US weather causing a steep drop in supply as well. Apparently in London and the South East at the moment, there’s only 5% of the usual amount of sweet potatoes in stock and this is leading to an increase in price and less of them on the shelves. Damn.

Asda, Aldi, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsburys have all felt the effect of the shortage and have all issued statements assuring us that they’re working as hard as possible to sort it out, by looking to do trade deals with sweet potato growers in Egypt, Spain and Mexico. Chris White – managing director of Fruitnet Media International – explained the process:

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It’s a popular alternative to regular potatoes.

The weather in states such as North Carolina hasn’t helped, but neither has Brexit, which has weakened the pound and raised prices for importers.

Fruit and veg is always seasonal and there are always gluts and falls.

Often, it’s the supplier that has to pay the price in certain situations because supermarkets promise customers low prices.

There does appear to be a possibility that sweet potatoes might be in short supply for Thanksgiving.

Not really sure what he’s talking about there as it doesn’t seem like the supplier is paying the price as the price is literally rising for the few sweet potatoes that this country can get its hands on, but thankfully we don’t need to worry about his Thanksgiving prediction as we don’t actually celebrate it in this country. So basically need this Chris guy to stop talking crap and sort out the sweet potato crisis over here. Come on dude.

For more of the shame, check out the news that there might be a halloumi shortage coming up as well. FFS.


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