UFC’s Jordan Williams Used His MMA Moves To Stop A Man Stealing A Car

One of my favourite new-is genres of video is regular people starting on MMA fighters and then getting the shit kicked out of them in about two seconds and here’s another great addition to that category.

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Jordan Williams signed with the UFC last September and decided to share the following video on his Instagram yesterday where he caught some random dude trying to steal his car and decided to lay the smackdown on him with some MMA moves. It’s a very satisfying watch:


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Lol. Kinda wish that he beat his ass a bit more, but it’s extra funny that the guy went into the petrol station so he could grab the footage for his Instagram account in an attempt to go viral and make a name for himself. You gotta think about that stuff in the fight game these days and he’s absolutely killed it there. Remember the name.

For more of the same, check out this guy who casually brought out a pile driver in the middle of a street fight. Very nice.


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