VIDEO: Taxi Driver Threatens To Kill Uber Driver And His Passenger

Psycho Taxi Driver

Sorry taxi drivers – adapt or die.

Since Uber came out, the idea of getting a regular taxi doesn’t even occur to most people these days because Uber is so much better – it’s cheaper, faster, and just plain nicer basically. Sure, there are some instances where drivers have been complete weirdos, but when you think of how many drivers they probably employ, it’s a very low percentage overall and every company is bound to have some screw ups in it, especially when you’re outsourcing most of your employees.

I doubt any of those stories have led to people abandoning Uber because the fact of the matter is it’s just so much easier and better than getting a regular taxi most of the time. I mean most of the time you get a regular taxi it’s really expensive and you have to give them directions because for some reason they don’t have a GPS. It’s just not worth it.

Despite this though, taxi drivers are refusing to realise that their business models are outdated and basically awful and that they need to reinvent themselves in order to be competitive against Uber by offering a better service. They instead think it’s a good idea to verbally abuse Uber drivers and their passengers and threaten to kill them to try to get their business back. Good luck with that tactic mate.

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I mean honestly, do you think that passenger is ever going to get a regular taxi again about that outburst? Uber might not be the best company ethically, but in terms of service and quality they absolutely kill it so I’m afraid I’m sticking with them.

Sorry taxi drivers – adapt or die. I mean even Boris Johnson hates you guys judging by this video.


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