Uber Installs ‘Bop It’ Toys In Cars To Stop Their Drivers Getting Battered

Uber Bop It


It’s a tough life being an Uber driver. Not only do regular taxi drivers hate you but sometimes your own passengers will flip out and attack you from out of nowhere.

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Well Uber has been conducting an experiment over in the States in which drivers leave a Bop It —a noisy children’s sound game based around a plastic toy — in the back seat during rides. The idea is that drunk and troublesome passengers will become so distracted by the toy that they’ll leave the driver alone.

Bop It consists of a stick or handle that’s covered in buttons, knobs and cranks with a pre-recorded voice that tells users when they should bop a button, twist a crank or pull a knob. It speeds up the further into the game you get until the player messes up. Remember? Probably not.


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Sounds like a 50/50 idea to me. Maybe it will work perfectly and drunk passengers will be so distracted by this addictive children’s toy that attacks on Uber drivers will decrease dramatically. That’s what we all want to happen. But what if it fails? I’ve never played Bop It but from the sounds of it it can become very frustrating with the way the game speeds up the better you get at it. We all know that feeling of getting frustrated with a game/toy and turning it into a weapon. Is it possible that Uber just gave drunk passengers a weapon to more effectively batter Uber drivers with?

I think it’ll work in the long run. But I’m sure there’ll be at least one case of a driver getting smashed over the head with a Bop It. With any luck we’ll have the video to share with you too.

P.S. What if a drunk passenger attacks you before they even get in the car?


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