Drunk Dude Attacks Uber Driver For Kicking Him Out Of The Car, Driver Blasts Him In The Eye Balls With Pepper Spray

Here’s what happens when you mix an impatient Uber driver with a belligerent drunk.

Do you know the only difference between being a mug and being a don is right now? One word – Uber. Anyone fighting for a taxi/ trying to wave one down in 2015 is an absolute loser. Everyone knows Uber is better, faster, cheaper, all-round more convenient than any taxi.

But that doesn’t mean Uber drivers are going to take any of your shit. This one passenger was so wasted that he couldn’t even give directions to his driver, and let’s just say it resulted in an unpleasant altercation for everyone involved:

To be fair I think he could have dropped the guy off at Park Newport. He was pretty clear about going there in the end. Just had to scare him sober a little bit. But I guess the Uber driver’s patience had completely run out by that point.

Oppositely, here’s what happened when one Uber passenger realised his driver was a coke dealer.


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