These Two Twitter Threads About The Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy From Respected Doctors Are Absolutely Terrifying

Maybe it’s time to stay quarantined.

The Coronavirus outbreak really is getting out of hand, with a number of people on my Facebook feed predicting that the whole country is going to be placed under lockdown in a matter of days due to its increasing unregulated spread around the country. I suppose they would know, right?

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Regardless of all the fear mongering amongst my social media acquaintances, there are a number of threads rolling around on Twitter from people in Italy allegedly describing what it’s really like over there and encouraging other countries to take more drastic action so they don’t make the same mistakes that they did. To be honest it’s pretty damn terrifying as well, so if you’re particularly pessimistic about the whole situation maybe don’t bother reading it:

Jesus. I mean there’s no way to verify if these things are actually happening over in Italy right now, but I don’t really get why either of these people – who seem to be respected within the profession – would bother to make all this up because they haven’t exactly got much to gain from spreading lies about the state of society over in Italy right now? Have they?

I know the media seems to have been stoking the flames of fear the last few weeks, but maybe it is time for everyone in England to stop treating the Coronavirus outbreak like it isn’t that big a deal and start doing everything they can to stop its spread? I’m not telling you what to do, just saying it might be a good idea not to leave the house unless it’s completely essential….

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