Two Suspected Terror Attacks Hit France As At Least Two Victims Are Decapitated

It’s getting hectic over there.

It was announced last night that France would be entering a second lockdown and then things went from bad to worse for the population as they became victims of at least one terror attack this morning.

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The first incident occurred at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice and the Mayor Of Nice himself has confirmed that everything indicates that it was a terror attack. A knifeman attacked people inside the church this morning, murdering three and decapitating at least two of the victims. Several others were injured before he was eventually shot by police and arrested.

It’s thought at this point that the man was acting on his own. His motivations are at this point unclear, but he’s been described by the Mayor as an Islamo-fascist and there are reports that he repeatedly shouted ‘Alahu Akbar’ after he was restrained by police.

A second knifeman was later shot dead in southern city of Avignon, after he threatened passersby and shouted ‘Alahu Akbar’. A man was also arrested for attacking a security guard with a sharp tool outside the French embassy in Saudi Arabia, but the motivation for these attacks aren’t yet known either and it’s thought that they probably weren’t related.

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France are currently on high alert regarding terror attacks in the run up to All Saints Day on November 1st. This comes after two weeks ago when a 47 year old teacher named Samuel Paty was murdered and decapitated by an 18 year old student in a Paris suburb for discussing Charlie Hebdo’s infamous caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in his class.

Following this incident, President Macron announced that the nation would not condemn the Charlie Hebdo caricatures and instead projected images of them onto government buildings, leading to great criticism throughout the Islamic world and a call to boycott French products. Can’t say I think that was the best idea either if you wanted to calm everyone down, but I guess I can see why Macron would back freedom of expression in this way. Just not sure if it was advisable given the current climate and what’s happened now.

Basically, it’s now almost the end of October and we need the situation to get even worse in November otherwise it wouldn’t be 2020 would it? It seems inevitable this country will go into a second lockdown, but that’s going to be nowhere near as bad as a full on Islamist race war over in France and it looks like this could end up being the winner for November. It wouldn’t even that surprising at this point would it?

RIP to the victims and here’s hoping that it doesn’t actually descend that badly. 2020 has to get better at some point right?

For something completely different to get your mind of this crap, here’s a bunch of dogs that have formed a death metal band.  Nice.


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