Two People Have Died After Lying In The Middle Of A Road To Get A Selfie

Is this the dumbest selfie-related death of the year so far?

We might only have a couple of days left in 2015, but these two are late contenders for the throne of dumbest death by selfie of the year. It’s unfortunate that that’s even an awards category now, but I read something recently that you’re more likely to die from taking a selfie than from a shark attack so there is that.

17 year old Muhammet Bozkurt and 19 year old Caglar Savasci had rented a car in their native Turkey and were driving the popular coastal route from Alanya to Antalya with three other friends when they passed an airport. They decided that they wanted a picture of the five of them with planes landing in the background of it, and so all of them decided to lie down in the middle of the road to capture this.

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Selfie In the Road Dead

That was one of the dumbest ideas ever and cost the two of them their lives. A truck was driving down the road at the same time and the driver didn’t see them and ended up running them both over. The other three managed to escape by rolling out of the way, which sounds pretty close.

All of them were drunk too but that really isn’t an excuse for doing something so stupid in the first place. I’m not even really sure how they failed to see or hear a massive truck coming down the road, but I suppose maybe the noise from the airport drowned it out. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that this is remarkably stupid behaviour.

Is it as stupid as the guy who shot himself in the head whilst he was posing for a selfie with a gun though?


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