Two People Have Been Accused Of Shoplifting Whilst Wearing Water Melons On Their Heads

Good disguise.

I think it’s pretty much universally known that the number one rule of shoplifting is that you don’t draw attention to yourself, so I’m at a loss as to why these two (water) melon heads from Virginia decided to wear water melons on their heads whilst they nicked some groceries from their local store.

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Here’s what the Louisa Police Department had to say about it in a Facebook post:

Kinda crazy that they managed to arrest someone with those pictures as the main source of identification, but I guess maybe they bragged to someone about their crimes or somebody recognised their car? Probably should have put a watermelon around that as well if you’re gonna do something like this I suppose?

Anyway, just a heads up that it’s probably not that great an idea to rob somewhere with a watermelon on your head as you not only won’t get away with it, but you’ll also become a viral internet meme at the same time. Yeowch.

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