Two New Lawyers Have Agreed To Take On Steven Avery’s Case

Steven Avery Jail

The story of Making A Murderer continues.

Don’t read this if you haven’t watched Making A Murderer yet, obviously. I’m going to assume everyone reading this knows what happened to Steven Avery, so I’m not going to to provide any background.

Anyway, as I predicted last week, the fallout from Making A Murderer continues to rumble on and the latest development is that two new lawyers have agreed to take on Steven Avery’s case. You’ll probably remember that in the last episode of the show, it was announced that Avery was no longer allowed court appointed attorneys to represent him and had long run out of money to pay lawyers – in fact he was going through the 24 boxes of documents and transcripts from the case to try and represent himself.

This ‘process’ had been going on for the last four years with little luck, so it’s now a massive coup that following the success of the documentary – that even resulted in a White House petition for Avery’s release – that a new legal team has agreed to take on the case. And not just any legal team:

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Yeah, I hadn’t heard of Zellner either but she boasts 17 exonerations for wrongfully convicted people as well as ‘the highest-ever wrongful conviction verdict in the United States, based on per-month compensation’. The most impressive of these was the exoneration of a man who had been on death row for five years – Zellner managed to get the real killer to confess at a post conviction hearing.

Impressive, she basically sounds like the woman for the job. Here’s her official press release for it:

Zellner Press Release

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In a tweet that seems to have been deleted for some reason from early last week, Zellner wrote the following:

#MakingAMurderer whoever deleted Teresa Halbach cellphone calls is either the murderer or part of coverup. Either way the killer is free.

so it seems like that’s going to be the angle for her case. Whatever happens it’s probably going to be an absolute age before a retrial or appeal takes place, but at least some wheels are definitely turning in regards to Avery’s case now.

I suppose Zellner will have to contend with all the crucial evidence left out of Making A Murderer too as well though.


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