Two High School Seniors Were Expelled For This Super Racist TikTok

So grim.

You really do have tow owner why people bother recording videos of them doing incredibly racist activities – or anything else questionable for that matter – because there’s literally no way that someone isn’t going to leak it and end up ruining your life. It’s happened so many times now, how have people still not figured this out?

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The latest two idiots to be ruined by a TikTok are Stephanie Freeman and Jeffrey Hume, who used to attend Carrolton High School in Georgia until they made the following little skit and ended up going massively viral and getting expelled. Well done guys!

(This is actually quite racist so if that’s gonna offend or upset you then I would suggest not watching it)

Yikes. How did either of them ever think that was funny or that anyone else would find that funny and someone wasn’t going to completely screw them over for posting it? I suppose they have their racist friends in Georgia who got a lil giggle out of it, but even so it’s so goddamn naive to think that this isn’t going to travel further. Of course it’s so goddamn awful that they even have this opinions, but I feel like that doesn’t really need to be said here because I’m hoping that everyone reading this isn’t a racist.

Anyway, Stephanie tried to post an apology and only made the situation about ten times worse. Excellent work again!

Jesus. ‘Blacks are humans’ too really screams not racist at you doesn’t it?

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