Twitter Racist Annihilated For Tweeting ‘How Do Black People Fall In Love With White People?’


It’s pretty amazing that in 2019, people still find the idea of interracial dating to be in any way a negative thing, but alas here we are.

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In this particular case, Twitter user Najma Sharif who goes by the handle ‘@overdramatique’ wondered out loud how it’s possible for any black person to fall in love with a white person, seeing as white people are gross I guess. 

Thousands of people Liked the Tweet before she made her account private, due to the thousands of others who were quick to let Najma know what a complete and utter pillock she is:

The best responses though came from those who themselves are in interracial marriages and relationships:

Wonderful stuff.

Now whether Najma really feels this way or whether she was just trolling (in which case – A+) is up for discussion, but even if it’s the latter you really shouldn’t be Tweeting things like that out into the universe. Just seems a tad counter-productive considering how far the civilised world has come regarding race relations. It’s a beautiful thing. 

For an excellent photo of a Nazi getting punched in the face while giving the Nazi salute, click HERE. Always satisfying.


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