Two Brothers Who Jussie Smollett Hired To “Attack” Him In Hate Crime Hoax Re-Enact The Crime In Hilarious Interview

Too funny.

I was hoping we’d heard the last of the Jussie Smollett saga after he was sentenced to 150 days in prison for staging a racist hate crime on himself, but this interview with the two brothers he hired to “attack” him is just too good not to share.

Speaking for the first time, the Osundairo brothers slam Smollett as a “crazy fraudster” who tried to blame them for the whole sorry ordeal during his trial. They also re-enact the crime itself at the scene it took place, and let’s just say these lads have some comedy chops:

How have these two not got their own TV show yet? The craziest part is that Jussie Smollett is still protesting his innocence, and even filed an appeal to his verdict just three weeks ago. The guy doesn’t know when to quit!

The brothers discuss the incident and how the whole thing came about in the full interview which can be seen on Fox Nation. Catch a sneak peek below:

For Chicago PD body cam footage of Jussie from the night of the ‘attack’, click HERE. Everyone knew he was full of shxt from the beginning.


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