Twitch Streamer Who Identifies As A Deer Is Now Saying People Should Be Afraid Of Her (VIDEO)

Her “deergasm” video is the most disturbing thing on the internet.

Earlier this week we shared what might be the most disturbing video on the internet when Twitch streamer/moderator ‘FerociouslySteph’ had a “deergasm” live on Twitch.

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Re-live it below if you dare:

As we said in the initial post, pretty weird stuff but ultimately harmless and it looks as though this person is happy living the deer life so hey, we might as well leave her to it. I mean look how easy it is for her to deergasm – no wonder she loves it!

Anyway, people are a bit concerned that FerociouslySteph is part of the Twitch Trust and Safety Council, considering she’s got some weird viewpoints such as her theory that most gamers are white supremacists:

What was most alarming to people though was this clip where she goes on a bit of a power trip about having moderator powers on Twitch, and insists that people should be afraid of her because of this:

Yeah, not ideal really is it? Can’t have someone with the power to ban Twitch streamers and effect their hobbies/livelihoods going around and bragging about it can you? And to do it on her own Twitch stream no less!

There’s a bit of uproar from the Twitch community about this so I’m not sure how long FerociouslySteph’s mod powers will last, but on the plus side, she’ll have more free time to go out in the garden and eat grass like other deer. No seriously that’s what she likes to do:


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