Twitch Streamer Having A ‘Deergasm’ Is The Most Disturbing Video On The Internet

This can never be unseen – you have been warned.

I’m not really sure how to introduce this video other than to say it’s one of the weirdest, most “2020” videos I’ve seen on the internet this year.

It’s a video of a ‘Twitch Trust & Safety Council’ member having a DEERGASM on camera. What is a “deergasm”, you ask? Um well it’s when you identify as a deer and reach sexual climax. Don’t take my word for it though when you can see it play out before your very eyes:

Yikes! Pretty disturbing stuff. To each their own though, right? After all she seems pretty happy living the deer life and hanging out with someone who’s probably just as weird as her. What’s really amazing though is that she managed to deergasm with nothing more than a scratch behind the ears! Is it really that simple for all deers?

Another pretty interesting video of this person has also begun doing the rounds, where she says most gamers are white supremacists:

Hmm. Just a bit of a generalisation there. And probably not the most assuring thing to hear from someone who’s a moderator and member of the ‘Trust & Safety Council’ of Twitch, where most of the content involves streaming video games.

Anyway, sorry you had to witness that first clip but I wouldn’t be doing my journalistic duty if I didn’t share it with you all. And by journalistic duty I mean I had to endure it, and so everyone else has to as well.

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