Twitch Streamer ‘InvaderVie’ Faces Backlash For Shaming Broke Viewers While Asking For Money

The entitlement is real.

Being a conventionally attractive female in the era of internet streaming is an absolute dream scenario. No need to go all-out NSFW with an OnlyFans account (though that is amazingly lucrative), because there are plenty of men out there who are willing to spend their hard-earned $$$ to support Twitch girls who just sit around gaming and talking bollocks all day.

But what about the viewers who don’t make any donation at all? Are streamers like InvaderVie meant to put out all this glorious content for free? No way! If you can’t even afford to make a measly $5 donation, you’re an absolute bum and she’s gonna let you know it:

Wild stuff. The craziest part is that you can tell she 100% believes everything she’s saying. She thinks it’s the most reasonable argument anyone has ever made in the history of mankind. I wonder how many of her viewers she actually managed to sway into making a donation after shaming them for being broke? Quite a few if you consider the sort of people who watch this shite when literal free porn is a few clicks away.

Here’s the general reaction to this clip:

Yikes! No bueno. If I were a betting man I’d say an InvaderVie apology is about to hit the internet, possibly by the time you read this. That’s what any savvy Twitch streamer would do in this situation, right? Well maybe not the ones who would shame 144,944 followers for not having $5 to spare.

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