Twitch Streamer Banned For Flashing Nipple On Camera Is Asking Twitch For Harsher Punishment

She says she will “learn from her mistakes”.

Twitch streamer ‘Alinity’ is a gamer girl with a massive following (over 1 million subscribers) who was recently given a brief ban for ‘accidentally’ flashing her nipple on camera.

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The full thing is on Pornhub if you really want to watch it, but it basically played out as in the images below:

She immediately realised what went wrong:

Because she really respects Twitch’s rules & guidelines and is a gamer girl of the utmost integrity, Alinity didn’t even wait for the mods to ban her. That’s right, she banned herself instead!

What a hero. What a legend! In the end Twitch only gave her a 24 hour ban but she kept to her word and banned herself for 3 days anyway. Well not so much a ban as a self-imposed break but who are we to argue semantics?

She even Tweeted out this apology:

Jeez, you’d think she was just exposed over some old racist Tweets or something. All she did was ‘accidentally’ flash a nipple.

Then again maybe she’s overstating the whole thing so much because these are the kind of freaks and weirdos who follow her:

Anyway, she’s “learnt from her mistakes” now so hopefully everyone can just put the whole tragic incident behind them and get on with their lives. As for Alinity, like she says – no one knows what the future holds. But she’ll probably keep updating Instagram if that’s of interest.

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