The Twins From Skins Don’t Even Look Identical Anymore

Twins Skins

Chalk and cheese.

If you guys ever watched Skins when you were younger, you will remember the two annoying red-head twins who literally looked identical to each other.

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Since the show, Katheryn and Megan Prescott have taken very different paths in life and now they couldn’t look more different, as one of them is training to be a body builder. Check her out:


Megan Prescott

Megan Prescott

Megan Prescott

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Apparently Megan has been promoting her fitness regime through social media and is even starring in a documentary called Dumbbells and Donuts about her journey to compete in a bodybuilding event. Fair play to you, although just be sure to stay away from them ‘roids because you don’t want to end up with a little lady penis.

Katheryn on the other hand has kept her physical appearance the same and is ‘making it in America’ after landing a role in MTV’s Finding Carter as well as a couple of other bits including The Hives and The Dovekeeper (I don’t know either).

Kathryn Prescott

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She has vowed never to work with Megan again. Pretty weird for an identical twin to say that, although apparently the pair were never actually very close in the first place and they only worked together on Skins as it was a good opportunity. She said:

It is hard trying working with Megan because it’s very full on.

We’re not very close twins – we went to separate schools and never wanted to do the twin thing in our careers, but Skins was too good an opportunity to miss.

Now we will definitely go our separate ways again.

Pretty frosty – wonder what happened there to make them so distant? Having said that, if I was an identical twin I’d probably want to separate myself from them as well, because having to compete with another you must suck. Especially if you turned out to be the rubbish twin.

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