These Identical Twins With The Same Boyfriend Are Planning Identical Pregnancies

Anna Lucy DeCinque Ben Byrne

The ultimate biological experiment.

Ever wondered if identical twins would have similar looking babies if they got impregnated by the same man? Well soon you won’t have to as Anna and Lucy DeCinque are going to be performing the experiment for us with the boyfriend that they share.

First of all, hats off to the lucky guy who is dating two identical twins. When he first hooked up with them he must’ve felt as happy as a dog with two dicks, although not so sure he feels the same now that they are both considering getting pregnant at the same time.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque

Anyway, the 30-year-old sisters said that they would do things this way because they insist that their bodies need to be the same. Which is why they chose to share their boyfriend, Ben Byrne, who is also a twin – although not an identical one.

Despite the trio not actively trying right now for a baby, they said they are planning to in the near future and when they do, they are sure that it will happen at the same time. Anna said:

If I got pregnant Lucy would definitely get pregnant straight way – because our bodies need to be the same.

We would have to be exactly the same – even if we went through IVF at the same time.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque

Apparently the pair became famous after they were dubbed the ‘world’s most identical twins’ so it would be interesting to see if their kids do come out looking anything alike. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Although obviously DNA gets mixed around and so there’s no knowing for sure. Just look at these twins who came out biracial.


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