This TV Reporter Just Hit ‘FHRITP’ Heckler With The ULTIMATE Comeback Line (VIDEO)

He’ll probably get fired for this.

Interrupting live TV news coverage with “fuck her right in the pussy” was all the rage a couple months back, and for the most part the reporters had no idea how to deal with the situation and just kind of stood around looking embarrassed and defeated.

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Well, except for this one Canadian reporter who shamed the crap out of the heckler that did it to her and caused him to lose his job. Well played.

This week someone managed to sneak one last FHRITP bomb in before the end of 2015, but unfortunately for him reporter Joe Galli was prepared with an immediate comeback:

Boom, roasted! OK so it’s not the most mature or inventive response and he might even get fired for it but at the end of the day that’s a victory. Maybe not a victory that’s going to put food on the table but a victory nonetheless. I mean I didn’t hear a comeback line from the heckler, did you? Better than the way Matthew Wright dealt with it on Channel 5, that’s for sure.

P.S. Never forget – the first ever FHRITP drive-by assault. Instant classic.


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