Shamed FHRITP Crew Member Who Got Told Off By News Reporter Fired From Job Over Incident

Shawn Simoes

Bet he regrets this now.

Yesterday we featured a video of a female Canadian presenter confronting a group of football fans who had just dropped a ‘Fuck Her Right In The Pussy’ on her. At the time we said that those guys were probably going to be pretty regretful of their actions when the footage went viral and everyone they knew started to hate them, but we couldn’t have imagined that the reaction would be as swift as it has been.

A distribution company named Hydro One has announced that they’ve identified the guy wearing the Arsenal shirt in the crew as an employee of theirs named Shawn Simoes and that they’ve taken action to fire him immediately, as they promote ‘a work environment where discrimination or harassment is met with zero tolerance’. You’ll remember Simoes as the guy who said that he reckoned his mother would find what he was saying hilarious and also telling the reporter that was lucky she didn’t get a vibrator shoved in her ear. Now, he’s been shoved to the kerb by his bosses. Ouch.

I guess the new (old?) saying that you can’t be too careful about what you say in the age of social media runs true once again. Be careful, or more accurately don’t be such a douchebag in the first place. A lesson for us all.

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