Why The Fuck Don’t We Have A Turkish Or Iraqi Flag On Our Facebook Profile Pictures?

Turkey Iraq flag

Let’s show our support to EVERY country.

Over the past week we have seen even more horrific ISIS terrorist attacks unfold, seeing further death and destruction at the hands of these dickheads.

Last week the Istanbul airport massacre, launched by ISIS militants who exploded their suicide vests after gunning down numerous staff and passengers, tragically caused the death of 44 people. And now ISIS’s most deadly attack of all time carried out in Baghdad has left around 120 dead and 200 wounded.

Istanbul attack

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This is by far one of the worst terror attacks that the group has claimed responsibility for, which begs the question – why have neither of these terrible incidents gained as much international outcry as those in Paris and Brussels?

There have been no Facebook options to add the Iraqi or Turkish flags, no speech from Madonna or Katy fucking Perry, no hashtags or national tributes. Yeah, there’s been pretty standard news reporting on the bombings, but none of it adds up to the coverage that is broadcasted when, dare I say it, an attack is carried out on a European country.

Iraq bombing aftermath

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This is incredibly telling of the culture we live in today. When the attacks on Paris occurred, every Tom, Dickwad and Harry changed their profile picture to the French flag, thinking they were doing their bit to show France their support. Same went for Belgium. But this solidarity, as the Independent put it, is nothing more than corporate white supremacy. As author Lulu Nunn said:

If you’re a British person who wants to do that because you feel sympathy and sadness for people who are brutally massacred, regardless of their nationality, then fine.

I just hope that you also change your profile picture to a different country’s flag every time people are wrongly killed as the result of international conflicts – for example, during the attack on Beirut in Lebanon just the day before.

This couldn’t be more relevant now. I’m not saying that the Paris or the Brussels attacks didn’t count or weren’t equally as tragic. I’m just saying that we should show the same level of sympathy and solidarity with countries other than those that are just across the sea. Lives matter whether they’re from Europe, the Middle East or anywhere on this spherical rock that we call earth. Now let’s call on you Mark Zuckerberg and all your little minions – get on it and let’s get the Turkish and Iraq flags going to show the same support that we showed to our European buddies.


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