This Tupac Movie Trailer From China Is Extremely Weird And Confusing

Wait till you get a load of the guy playing Tupac.

For some reason, despite the success of ‘Notorious’ and ‘Straight Outta Compton’ in the US, there’s still no sign of a movie on the life of Tupac even though you’d think he was the most obvious choice for a rapper biopic.

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China seems to think so too, which is why they’ve made ‘Until The End Of Time’ — an unauthorised, sort-of-biopic on the life of 2Pac, set in China. It seems to be based around a student doing an essay on the rapper, and managing to get some inside info on the guy from a woman who knew him. Sounds great, right? Wrong.

Wait till you get a load of the guy playing 2Pac — cringe central:

Wow, that looks shit. I mean respect for actually trying to make a movie about the guy but unfortunately, judging from the trailer at least, it just looks completely unwatchable. Tupac would probably burst out of his grave (or come out of hiding) all guns blazing if he knew they’d cast this try-hard to play him.

Here’s his audition tape if you’d like to torture your eyes and ears some more:

P.S. Surely any movie on the life of Tupac has to feature the last words he said to the cop who watched him die. Classic 2Pac.


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