Tupac Shakur Spotted At US Basketball Game Last Night

Judging from these pics, Tupac Shakur is alive and well and enjoying his basketball like the rest of us. Check out the evidence from last night’s Celtics’ game.

Knew it — 2Pac is alive and well and living his life as normal while the whole world carries on thinking he was slain in a drive-by shooting back in ’96.

Seriously though, how long do you think this guy has been going around pretending to be 2Pac? The crowd even started a massive “Let’s go Tupac!” chant in the middle of the Celtics/Warriors game instead of paying attention to the players. Is this guy trying to make it as an impersonator or does he just love messing with people? Or is he just a black guy with a nose ring and bandana who thinks we’re all just a bunch of racists for suggesting he looks like Pac?

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Nope, he definitely knows what he’s doing:

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