Tupac Might Be Dropping A New Album On Saturday


The wait is over.

The events surrounding the death of Tupac Shakur are some of the most controversial and mysterious in the modern age and might never be fully revealed, but what we do know is that the rapper does have some unheard recordings that have never been released to the world.

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The reason that these tracks have never made it out was owing to a massive dispute between Tupac and his record label over royalties, but this was settled earlier in the year and anticipation has since formed for a new album from the master. No formal announcement has yet been made, but Tupac’s official Instagram account just posted the following picture that may indicate that it’s dropping this Saturday:

I mean yeah, the whole ‘sign up to be the first to know’ thing kinda makes me think it’s going to be some kind of scam to sell t-shirts or something, but the fact that we do know that there is unreleased music out there and that they’ve settled the dispute really, really makes me want to think that this is finally going to be that lost record being released. I’m ready for disappointment though – I reckon it’s probably just going to be an announcement for an announcement as those seem very in vogue at the moment.

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