Trump Supporter Gets Knocked Out After Attacking Woman During Protests In DC (VIDEO)


People really thought that Joe Biden winning the US Presidency would mean less rioting and clashes on the streets, but nope – looks like this behaviour is set to continue well into 2021.

Violence erupted in Washington D.C. during the Million MAGA March on the weekend, with a load of BLM/Antifa types showing up to get involved as things died down later in the evening.

This led to an incident where one Trump supporter foolishly attacked a female member of the opposition, leading to this sneaky sucker punch by a BLM activist:

Well that isn’t nice to see but it was pretty stupid of the guy to involve himself in the scuffle in the first place, looking especially keen to attack that one woman. It did actually look like he realised the smart option would be to walk away at the end there, but by then his assailant had already decided he was gonna knock him the F out. Can’t really say he wasn’t “asking for it” IMO, as horrible as it is to see anyone get sparked out cold like that.

Where does America go from here? Like I said the rioting and protests look set to continue, perhaps even beyond the moment Trump eventually concedes defeat and hands over the keys to the White House in January. Let’s hope Biden can do something, anything to ease tensions when he’s officially in power. Give these Antifa losers and MAGA twats a reason to do something better with their time than fight each other.

UPDATE: The attacker has been arrested and it turns out he’s also a nonce. Sigh…

For the embarrassing Proud Boys initiation video currently going viral, click HERE. The hell is that about?


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