Trump Has Now Suggested That The ‘Send Them Back’ Congresswoman Is Shagging Her Brother

Oh God.

Just when you thought that the current controversy about Donald Trump’s perceived racism against four congressman couldn’t become any stupider, he goes and accuses one of them of incest with her brother.

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To be fair I did call this earlier but even I’m surprised that Trump could have the gumption to say something so banal during a televised interview, but here we are again. Trump was talking to Fox News when they asked him if Illhan Omar was married to her brother and goes on to repeat that statement several times during his non committal answer:


There is some basis to this question though, as back in 2016 when Omar was running for a seat in the Minnesota House some bloggers decided to make up a story that she had two husbands and one of them was her brother, despite the fact that they had no real evidence of this. Omar categorically denied these accusations, stating that they were ‘disgusting lies’ but I guess this doesn’t stop rightwing media and the President of the United States from clinging onto them. Of course it doesn’t.

Can’t really see where all this is going to go now – other than further into the gutter of course – but I expect it to descend even further, probably in a way that nobody could really predict. Stay tuned.

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